Starter Website


Perfect for start-ups and small businesses. Prices starting from £399.¹

3 page website³
Fully responsive
Built using starter site template
WordPress CMS or
Hosting required⁴
Site security implementation
6 months free site maintenance⁶
Up-front payment²

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In need of a professional, fully developed website for your new business? A three-page starter site is just what you need!

A starter site is perfect for small businesses or startups who need an online presence, with a quick turn-around time.


Terms and conditions

  1. Base price, depending on requirements
  2. 25% of the total price paid up front. A further 25% after the initial build has been completed and the final 50% upon the website going live. 100% payment up-front for online orders.
  3. Maximum total of pages included with base price. Further pages are charged at £29 per page.
  4. A hosting plan is required before the website to goes live.
  5. 12 month hosting plan included in price. Beyond the 12 months will be charged at hosting plan annual price.
  6. Free website maintenance and security updates for allotted time. A maintenance plan will be required after allotted time has passed.